Weedin Unleashed Video – July 28th

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Watch the recording from Monday’s broadcast. The topic this week is “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” (15 min)

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What Are You Missing?

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IMG_2963I LOVE getting feedback on my writing…no matter what kind it is. My goal is to always make you think, regardless of whether you agree with me or not. That being said, a very nice comment on a Monday morning is always good for the spirit! This came in yesterday from one of me readers and she gave me the okay to share with all of you…

Good Morning, Dan —
I want to thank you again for the fabulous ‘Extra Points’ transmittal.  I enjoy it so much!
It always brings good thought provoking insights to the laptop to start the week off right–
Hope you are enjoying your Summer –

Best regards,
Mariel Kagan

What are you missing if you’re not reading my work? A great way to make sure you have it is by subscribing to Extra Points and reading Unleashed. If you don’t have it, fear not. It’s available right here!

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As a 30-plus year insurance veteran and insurance trainer, I’m careful about the books I read and even more particular about the books I recommend. Dan Weedin’s book, Insuring Success, is a great read for all insurance agents who strive to either earn higher commissions and/or provide consultative services.

Whether you’re just starting out in the life and health side of the industry or you’re a “rainmaker” in the property/casualty side of the business, Weedin’s book can teach you new techniques and help you brush up on tried-and-true customer service indicators. As brokerages consolidate and brokers divide their teams into client-facing producers versus underwriting experts, so the skill set for today’s insurance agent must develop as our industry changes. Published this year, Weedin’s book is modern and realistic.

Weedin also covers technology such as social media platforms and how to manage across the various platforms, so important in today’s social-media driven world.

I highly recommend his book.

Nancy Germond

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Extra Points – Barking Up the Wrong Tree

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This week’s focus point…Barking Up the Wrong TreeJack and Dan

Many of you reading this have heard me speak about how people react differently when a plane is delayed as an example of social styles. Well, I now have a real story to share…

Last week, I was set to fly off to New York City for a business meeting. I was catching an evening flight to arrive in New York early to prepare for a noon meeting the next day. After getting through security, my flight kept getting delayed due to bad weather in New York. Finally, after finishing my glass of wine at the sports bar next door, I was surprised to see a large gathering near the lone Jet Blue gate attendant. Fifteen seconds later, she made the unpopular announcement that the flight had been canceled; that she was the only person at the gate and couldn’t service everyone; and to return to the ticket area outside of security to get re-booked. Instantly, she was besieged by angry and frustrated patrons. Me? I took off lickety split to the ticket area. These people were barking up the wrong tree just like Captain Jack would do after the squirrel he was howling at jumped trees. My decision put me near the front of the line at the ticket counter. Eventually, they couldn’t help me and I postponed my trip. My decision to not “bark” with the others ended up getting me back home sooner.

How many times do we as humans spend an in inordinate amount of time “barking up the wrong tree?” Think about times where you might have complained to a person that couldn’t help you; sought advice from someone not experienced to guide you; or tried to sell your product or services to someone not able to write a check, but able to say “no?”

Time is a limited resource. Don’t waste your time barking at squirrels that have scurried to another tree. Base decisions that impact your time on results and those direct lines to your results. Otherwise, you end up at the end of a long line or standing pathetically under the wrong tree.


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This week’s quote - 

 An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise.”

~ Victor Hugo

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Business Risk ~ Smart or Stupid

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umbrella_riskI was recently interviewed by a freelance journalist working for a major online publication. His question was about “smart and stupid” business risks. He wanted to use an angle about how to tell which risks fall into which class – smart or stupid. Here was my written response to him and I thought I would share with you…

There aren’t smart or stupid risks. There are simply just risks.

All football plays are designed to score a touchdown…it’s the execution that determines the success. Similarly, risks that go sideways (or deep dive staring down) happen due to poor planning, lack of guidance, lack of self-confidence, and just bad “execution.”

In fact, the biggest risk might be not taking the risk at all.

How can you take that theory and implement in your business life?

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Weedin Unleashed Video

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The video recording from yesterday’s Weedin Unleashed. The topic is on how to tear down the invisible fence that might be keeping you from reaching your potential…

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Extra Points – The Invisible Fence

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This week’s focus point…Invisible Fence14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001

I’ve been told by friends that the invisible fence has worked well for their dogs. They’ve told me that Captain Jack would be easily trained for it and I should consider it. I don’t think so.

Captain Jack understands the adventures and excitement waiting beyond the invisible fence. He also knows that the pain inflicted by the shock of electricity is brief and temporary. I have no doubt that Jack would figure out very quickly that a mad dash to break through would sting for a few seconds and rush of adrenalin soon take over as he sprinted “unleashed” to the world.

We should emulate dogs more…

We humans are really adept at building imaginary fences in our lives that keep us trapped in our yard. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, past experience, anxiety over the future, and a dozen other things make up the links to the chains that frame our invisible fences. We soon become very comfortable and secure never venturing outside our yards. This results in never maximizing our talents and leaving money on the table at the end of our lives. Dogs intend to leave this world penniless.

The invisible fences in our lives can also cause pain, yet like those crafted for dogs, the pain is brief and temporary. Your reward lays waiting out there, Are you ready to be unleashed!

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This week’s quote -

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”
~ Robert Heinlein

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Weedin Unleashed Recording

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Topic is on lessons from the World Cup (25 minutes)

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