The Great Escape Revisited

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JackEarlier this week, you may have read the tale of the great escape as told by the escapee, Captain Jack. The dude showed he’s still got game when it comes to getting unleashed – or in this case running with the leash still secured to him. He explained the extra “baggage” kept him from being able to fully maximize his agility and nimbleness, so he was quickly corralled by yours truly.

All that being said, one can learn a few post-event from his response.

Although being scolded, Captain Jack showed no remorse. He trotted home accepting the fact that his adventure was short-lived; he drank up the entire bowl of water; went to the window to get a full stretch, and then settled in for a much deserved nap.

Very often, when we humans fail at some attempt at a new opportunity – maybe it was a sales call, an interview, a misunderstanding, or just a good attempt that went awry – we allow that failure to become “leashed” to us for hours, days, months, or even years.

Dogs have it figured out better. They chalk up failure to happenstance or serendipity and just move on. They are seeking out that next smell; or that next opportunity. Wasting time on failures means you just might miss that next chance for success.

Take it from dogs – Be bold and courageous and do your best. If it works, great. If you fail, then you’ve learned something. If you walk away from failure without having learned something and improving yourself, then the failure wins. If you walk away from failure and let it stick around and rent space in your brain, then it wins again. The only way you win is to dump the leash and be free to check out new smells and new opportunities to run.

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Extra Points: A Captain Jack Special Edition

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This week’s focus point…A Captain Jack Special PostingJack

I escaped last week. Barb had me on the leash and she wasn’t focused on me. She was scolding Dan for something dumb he did. That meant when she sidestepped on the front stairs and lost her grip on my leash, my moment of opportunity arose. And I took it…

I still have breakaway speed. I fled up my street like a cheetah on the hunt. I heard Dan yell, “Jack,” but that didn’t stop me. I was unleashed. Well, actually not really. The leash was still attached to my harness and it was flopping around wildly behind me as I ran.

Dan didn’t take too long to track me down. I was scampering around houses, but he could hear the stupid leash and knew where I was. I also knew that he could get close to me and easily step on it and stop me, so I gave up without much of a fight. My moment of freedom was short-lived this time.

Here’s the deal – if you have freed yourself from your confines, but choose to bring the baggage that should be left behind, you’re no better off than me dragging around the leash. Your “dangling leash” will render the pursuit of your goals and dreams as fleeting as my adventure. If you’re going to go for your dreams, then leave the leash behind. The extra weight and cord will hold you down. Be free and prosper…

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This week’s quote –

If you can run, do it fast. Otherwise you’re stuck digging holes inside a fence all day. Running is better.

~ Captain Jack

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Weedin Unleashed Video: Thunder & Lightning

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15 minutes, 50 seconds

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“This book has arrived at a great time for you, because no matter what stage of growth you currently occupy, Dan will help you to grow further and faster. He creates positive change with positive psychology, but also creates sustainable results through the mastery of the skills and behaviors required for ongoing success. Make no mistake, this isn’t a “self-help” book. You need Dan’s help, as so many others have.”

Alan Weiss, author Million Dollar Consulting (excerpt from Foreword)


Extra Points – Thunder & Lightning

August 17, 2015 Leave a comment

Capt Jack and DanThis week’s focus point…Thunder and Lightning

Captain Jack hates thunder. Hates it with a purple passion. In fact, he believes it’s his duty to furiously bark at the thunder, in some attempt to make it suddenly stop. The thunder doesn’t care, and keeps on rolling.

Thunder is actually the sound caused by lightning. It’s the result of that bolt producing a rapid expansion of air leading to a similar reaction like a sonic boom. Without getting overly scientific, you can’t have thunder without lightning. I guess that means that Captain Jack has a bone to pick with lightning, too.

Are you creating thunder in your own career?

Just like thunder can’t be created without an opening electrostatic discharge commonly referred to as lightning, your career will either be resounding or indistinct based on the electricity you generate. I’ve found that far too many people fear causing lightning in their lives. It’s usually based around fear – fear of failure, fear of rejection, even fear of success. What would happen if you had no fear to manifest your own jolts of lightning? What if you planned and took action on risks and opportunities to see if you could eventually make some noise?

Bottom line – no lightning, no thunder up in the skies. For you, no electricity (passion and boldness), no noise (maximized success and significance of helping others) in your career. Life’s too short not to enjoy the majesty of a thunderstorm (although Jack might disagree). It’s also too short not to take all your talents and passions and initiate your own storm and make some noise.

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This week’s quote –

Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.

~ Stephen Sondheim

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Culture is Influenced…Never Forced

August 11, 2015 Leave a comment

JackI’m at my United gate on Sunday getting ready to head out to my conference in beautiful Cartagena, Colombia. If you’ve ever stood in line waiting to get on the plane, you’ve probably seen someone try to carry on luggage that is too big.

On Sunday, I watched a woman with a red roller bag try to convince the gate person that her bag fit. She tried to stuff the bag in the cage they use to show if the bag will fit in the overhead compartment. She stuffed, she squeezed, she prayed. She took it out and tried other geometric positions to no avail. The bag didn’t fit.

The next thing we all saw was her disgustedly opening the suitcase out and throwing things out to make it “smaller.” I don’t know where she was going to then try to stuff that clothing, but rearranging wasn’t going to work. Luckily for me, I walked past her and on to the plane, as she was getting more exasperated by the second.

I’ve seen business leaders try to stuff, squeeze, and pray as they tried to force their desired culture into their company. Just like this lady with the red bag, they were fruitless in trying to motivate by force to eliminate inefficiencies, drama, conflict, and lack of communication. Culture isn’t formed by force; it’s created by influence.

The days of command and control and hope that people will mindlessly fall into place are long gone and those days weren’t always good. It takes 3 factors to create an unleashed leadership in your company. It not only takes all of them, it requires they are all present. They are mentoring, selflessness, and autonomy. I spoke at length on these topics during my speech to the group of insurance executives at the conference. I will write about these concepts over the course of days on this blog.

The takeaway for today is this…

If you’re trying to squeeze and force your desired culture into your business, you’re going to end up as exasperated as the woman with the red bag at the United gate. Discover the art of influence and become an unleashed leader.

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Extra Points: Energy

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Capt Jack and DanThis week’s focus point…Energy

We humans are all wired differently. That being said, we can all probably land in one of two social styles – introvert or extrovert. There is no judgement; both are just fine. In fact, as a confirmed extrovert myself, I’m thankful for the introverts that bring balance to my life!

I think it was Alan Weiss who I once heard give the best definition of these two styles. It went like this – introverts draw energy from things (processes, projects, and challenges), while extroverts draw energy from people.  Drawing energy means being uplifted, energized, impassioned, and interested. As a self-diagnosed extrovert, I gain all of those aforementioned things from being around and talking to people, whether I know them or not. I actually will seek out opportunities to talk to waitpersons at restaurants, people working out at the gym, or just a person waiting to catch the same plane as me. I draw my energy from people. I have close family, friends and colleagues that draw their energy from that challenging project given to them; the NY Times crossword puzzle, and creating things.

The question for you this week is where do you draw your energy from? Is it people or processes? This small self-assessment will help you to be at your best, so you can help others and yourself. When you’re down, you know where to go to get that energy boost. When things are going well, you can also find that extra energy to reach even grander heights. Bottom line is that you need to know what gives you energy if you’re to be truly unleashed.

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This week’s quote –

Good questions outrank easy answers.

~ Paul Samuelson

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Unleashed Leadership NOW Available for Pre-Order!

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Great news!Unleashed_Leadership

I’ve confirmed with my publisher (Kitsap Publishing) that my brand new book, Unleashed Leadership, is now available for pre-order. Click here to order

Here’s what you need to know…

The book is aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales professionals and anyone that wants to accelerate growth in their careers and enrich their lives.

Unleashed Leadership, Maximizing Talent and Performance by Opening the Gates of Opportunity provides a realistic and clear game plan on how to live a more fulfilled, rewarding life.

As the economy becomes more global and we see more generations staying in the workforce as both employees and entrepreneurs, the number of people that will need to get help in being pushed out the gate will be immense. This book will provide insight, guidance, best practices, perspective, inspiration and strategy for every age, industry, and role.

The book includes:

  • Tools, tips, and tactics on improving the most critical leadership skills of language, public speaking, influential writing, and dealing with people.
  • Case studies of the good, the bad, and the ugly to highlight the key learning objectives.
  • Ideas on how to leverage technology to enhance relationships, increase discretionary time, and add value to their life.
  • Strategies on how to transition away from destructive self-talk to a positive, enthusiastic, and sustainable way to live a life.

As you know, my pal Captain Jack helped me write this book. In fact, he’s got his own special section at the end of each chapter. I guess he always gets the last word.

When you pre-order before the release in October, you will be the first to get your books sent out AND each book will be personally signed by me.

Be one of the first to get your copy of my newest book. It will help you grow and thrive in your career and your life.

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