Extra Points – Persistence

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This week’s focus point…PersistenceJack and Dan

This past weekend, it was just the dogs and me as it was the annual “girls weekend” for Barb and her sisters and mother. Our daughters got to join in the fun, which left me to get some work done around the house before the winter sets in. As I was trying to get my self-imposed “chores” done on Saturday before the football game, Captain Jack decided it was the right time to make a nuisance out of himself. I’d stacked several blankets and cushions on a rocking chair in the living room. Jack decided that these would be ideal to sleep on.

I watched as he would bite the middle blanket and slowly pull them off on to a big pile on the floor. Once there, he would begin the nesting process, which involves precision digging and pawing until they are just right for his midday nap. I proceeded to inform him that this wasn’t acceptable, picked them all up and put them neatly back on the rocking chair with an admonition to not repeat the action. You are about to clearly see who is the smarter of the two of us. He did it again. The second time, I was a little sterner (like he cared) and put them back on the chair with a similar warning. Five minutes later, he did it again. I gave up. At least he was quiet so I could finish my work!

Captain Jack is persistent to the point of near exhaustion. He knows what he wants; he knows how to get it; and he won’t be deterred in his pursuit of it. In his mind, he can outlast me. And he’s right!

What about you? Are you as persistent in reaching your desired goals and outcomes? Do you become too easily dissuaded and quit when obstacles emerge? My experience is that we humans all too often give up too early due to a multitude of factors, including fear, lack of discipline, and lack of trust in our own abilities. I’d encourage you to take a page out of the Captain Jack guide to getting what you want. Keep pulling down those blankets…you will end up sleeping much better satisfied in your achievements!

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Weedin Unleashed ~ October 14, 2014

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Fiercely guarding your time…

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Sustainability and Your Untapped Talent Reserve

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I attended a very interesting panel discussion this morning on “The Spheres of Sustainability.” The panel was made up of 4 business leaders discussing how they integrated sustainability practices into their companies. The panelists were diverse and brought really valuable information surrounding sustainability of buildings, people, environment, and business practices.

Sustainability is literally defined as “the ability to be supported, upheld, or confirmed.” Sustainability is certainly buzzword for improving our footprint on the environment so it will be “sustained.” It’s important for the health of ourselves and our employees to “sustain” wellness.

All that being said, the discussion got me to thinking about sustainability in a broader scope. How do you “sustain” the talent that resides in your own company? You have a reservoir of skills, strengths, and abilities that reside in your employees (and yourself). How well do you support, uphold, and confirm that talent to squeeze every ounce of goodness out of it?

Sustainability is highly important ideal for our planet and out businesses moving forward. The question I pose to you involves the natural resources living in your people. Some of that talent is being used, but how much of it is left untapped? The bad news is that for many of you, if you don’t help it bubble to the top, that asset will take it’s talent elsewhere.

As you commit to sustainability in your organizational culture, don’t leave out the growth possible to your employees and yourself. This includes skills and development growth in leadership, communication, strategic thinking, time management, and personal self-worth to name a few. The ironic thing is that this opportunity is easier to get to than many other sustainability initiatives. You just have to be intentional about it.

My Unleashed Executive Experience is an open gate waiting for you or some of your key people to run through and gain that sustainability. All the panelists talked about keeping it simple, starting small, and building. That’s exactly what this program does. Click here to learn more about how it might just help you sustain and grow your own organic talent.

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Extra Points: Fiercely Guarding Your Time #2

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Jack and DanThis week’s focus point… Fiercely Guarding Your Time Edition #2

Last week, I resigned from my position on my local school board after 5 years, with 1 year remaining on my term. The reason was simple. I was taking my own advice.

Without getting too deep into the reasons, let’s just say that I found that some very noxious, combative, and disruptive individuals were negatively affecting my experience. After attempts to improve the situation, it became evident to me that things wouldn’t change, and I wasn’t able to put those by me. This was my discretionary time, and to that, end my decision was to dump baggage and fiercely guard and protect my time. It’s what I would have advised any coaching or mentoring client.

Your turn. What are you doing today that causes you stress or anxiety? What is wasting your valuable time with little return on that investment? Are you allocating that time to things that won’t advance your personal or professional goals? This is the time of year for self-assessment. Instead of thinking about resolutions to add things to your life, perhaps you should resolve to dump your own baggage.

I often hear from clients that they have no time and there is nothing that can be changed. This is never the case. There is time and it’s based on your priorities. Take time now to re-evaluate your priorities and fiercely guard your time to truly have enough to be “unleashed.”

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This week’s quote -

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

~ E.M Forster

Unleashed Executive Experience ~ A transformational experience for business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs to maximize their talents, skills, and company. The first 4 savvy executives are registered! What do they know that you don’t? Check it out and learn more!

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Extra Points – Fiercely Guarding Your Time

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Jack and DanThis week’s focus point… Fiercely Guarding Your Time Edition #1

I admit it….for most of my life I’ve not guarded my time well. I’m not necessarily talking about what might be considered “time management.” I’m speaking more about events, commitments, and people that you choose to make part of your life. If you’re not careful, bad decisions left unaltered can rob you of valuable time that could be allocated to your business and your life. It’s something I now work hard to improve in myself.

Do a quick assessment ~ Have you recently or in the past accepted a position, took on a responsibility, or committed your time to something that you either weren’t passionate about or knew you didn’t have time for (and were unable to say NO)? Have you stayed too long in something that you didn’t enjoy, or had to deal with negative or even noxious people? If we are all honest, the answer is YES.

True wealth is discretionary time. You have more control than you think. If you are choosing to invest that valuable time in projects, people, or commitments, then set metrics for a successful investment. You’d better make sure you are passionate about it; it is personally or professionally rewarding; and you are having fun. Fiercely guarding your time means that you don’t allow yourself to be spread too thin to the detriment of things you value as more important. Focus on what improves you and improves others. You need both.

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 This week’s quote -

 Lost time is never found again.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Unleashed Executive Experience ~ A transformational experience for business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs to maximize their talents, skills, and company. The first 4 savvy executives are registered! What do they know that you don’t? Check it out and learn more!

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The Hat Trick

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I even have one of these hats!

I even have one of these hats!

I have a myriad of hats I’ve collected over the years. They range from baseball caps (Fenway Park is my current prized one), golf hats, visors, and fedoras purchased in New York city. Heck, I even have my own hard hat that I wear when visiting construction sites for my client. My name is emblazoned on so they all know to scatter lest I get in the way!

Here’s the deal…I can only wear one at a time.

Unfortunately, too many insurance agency owners and executives try to wear more than one. In fact, many of you reading this are juggling multiple hats in there and doing a poor job of it. The reason? You don’t know how to say NO and to delegate.

Being an insurance agency owner or executive is demanding. You have many roles to fill like Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, IT, and even receptionist. Here’s the bad part – you complain about lack of time, too much stress, and not having fun. What you also lose is the ability to serve your clients well; maximize the skill and talent in your own office; and eventually get stuck in the success trap I’ve written about before.

Here’s 7 techniques for how you fix it…

Determine where you add the most value to your agency and focus the majority of your energy there. If it’s sales and marketing, that’s where you need to schedule your time on your calendar.
Determine what tasks are below your pay grade and delegate or delete them. You should not be taking endorsements. Hire smart people who can do it better so you can focus on your own talent and value to agency.
Sub-contract areas where you lack expertise. That means “jobs” like IT, bookkeeping, Human Resources, and janitorial.
Treat yourself like a valued employee. Many agency principals are the worst bosses they’ve ever had! This means don’t work stupid hours at the expense of your family and your health.
Ferociously guard your time. It’s your most valuable asset. It’s one thing you can never recover. Say NO to requests that aren’t benefiting you professionally or personally. Quit things that are dragging you down.
Ask for help. If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong; what you’re doing right; or how to go about fixing it, then stop wasting valuable time and hire a coach. Put your pride on the shelf. Getting help is actually a bold step in showing self-confidence and leadership.
Cut yourself some slack. We all have a tendency to be unforgiving of ourselves. Stop the guilt; stop the poor self-talk; stop thinking “what if;” and realize that you’re doing the best you can. The rinse and repeat…

You can’t be brilliant by yourself. Hire good people and challenge and reward them. Make alliances with people that have expertise where you don’t. Focus on your strengths, rather than on improving weaknesses. And for goodness sakes, get out of the juggling business. Insurance is hard enough.

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Weedin Unleashed Video – September 29, 2014

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Today’s topic is “Going Deep.”

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